Introducing: Peer to Peer

A question we often get at onbikes is “How can I help?”. We love that our supporters want to pedal ahead and take their involvement with onbikes to the next level, so we have created a way to do just that! onbikes is proud to announce the Peer to Peer fundraising platform.

Peer to Peer lets supporters like you join the onbikes team by creating a personal fundraising page with an easy-to-use suite of online tools. You can raise funds as an individual or form a team, while helping to take the onbikes message to new audiences by tapping your own social networks.

This is the easiest way to share your love and your support for the onbikes mission with your friends and family.

And with the 7th Annual Winter Wonder Ride right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to get involved.

Here’s How It Works

The Peer to Peer creator page is designed to make it super easy to build a page and share it with the world in minutes.

  • Set your fundraising goal and start building your page…
  • Get creative with a variety of colors, font options, images and more…
  • Keep tabs on how your fundraiser is doing with widgets and thermometers…
  • Get badges and exclusive fundraiser-only offers for reaching milestones…
  • Powerful tools that will make your fundraising process incredibly easy…
  • Plus… expect to see exclusive gifts and prizes for our top fundraisers!

Lets Go!

At onbikes, our mission is simple: to deliver a bicycle and helmet to every at-risk kid that we can.

And thanks to supporters like you, we are making big strides toward that goal.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of kids who would never know what it’s like to own a bike.

Peer to Peer is a giant first step in taking this mission to the next level. We have some helpful tips on creating your campaign. Click here to download tip sheets.

Click the button below to see the Peer to Peer page for yourself.

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