How We Do It

Over 397,122 kids are living without permanent families. Most foster homes are without the resources to provide recreational activities. This is where onbikes comes in. Since 2011, onbikes has built and donated over 3,500 bicycles to children in need. We work along side city officials, family service organizations, corporate and community partners to raise funds to make our mission of bringing bicycles to kids a reality. Here’s how we do it…


Selecting A Partner

We work to create meaningful partnerships with organizations that support our mission. There are many ways to collaborate with onbikes. Event participation, sponsorship, volunteering, or hosting a Corporate Bike Build (see page 11) are just a few ways to get involved.



Choosing A Location

We select locations based on geography and assessments of need. We also consider the potential for building strong relationships with local stakeholders, risk of overlap with the work of other organizations and availability or resources to pull off both events and bike builds. Additionally, a community’s willingness to participate is important, since strong programs require buy-in and participation to sustain and build a footprint over time.



Raising Funds

With the support of our partners, onbikes works to raise funds through the Winter Wonder Ride; Corporate Bike Builds and by developing additional strategic fundraising campaigns throughout the year. These funds go towards the purchase of brand new bicycles and helmets for at-risk and foster kids.



Establishing Best Practices

There are many ways to deliver bikes to at-risk and foster kids. We work with sector experts to know which approaches are most effective so we can continue to ensure that our programs utilize best practices in the communities we serve.



Need Assessment

We work with local governments, in particular, police and fire departments as well as our network of community partners to determine the number of bikes and helmets needed and where they will go.




Every event is planned and positioned so local stakeholders have assurances that their contributions directly affect the children in their respective communities and deliver tangible results our partners can measure.